33 day raw vegan lifestyle program

“Simply Vibrant Life” is a 33 day raw food diet and lifestyle program

Join us any time at: SimplyVibrantLife.com

Our program is all about:
* eating yummy – healthy – fresh meals (even if you eat something else besides it)
* exercise at least a little bit – anybody can find 10-15 min a day, right?
* easily meditate with our guidance for at least a few minutes – you can stop the video in the middle if you want
* get inspired every single day by our short and unique sayings

So you can see that there are no real reasons to skip our program:
* it’s exceptionally affordable – 33 dollars for 33 days
* does not require much additional time – even food preparation is quicker than cooking or you can skip preparation completely by eating your fruits and veggies as they are 😉
* does not require you to be 100% raw vegan – you can just add our recipes to your own personal diet
* allows you to modify everything the way you want – interchangeable food lists and alternative exercises are available
* we can help you to adjust the program to your needs (candida problems, pregnancy, traveling, etc. etc.)
* register any time – it will start for you right away when you register

What you are getting:
* Program starts for you automatically whenever you subscribe. You will receive preparation e-mail right away.
* Full new summer menu plan – almost every single recipe is unique – over 90 different recipes to try!
* Green fruit smoothies or other fruit dishes for breakfast and lunch and delicious veggie dishes with avocado, seeds or nuts in the evening.






* Every week’s menu on one, easy to print page – take it anywhere you go!
* Every week’s shopping list on one printable page.
* Interchangeable ingredients list to adjust any recipe to your needs and liking.
* 23 exercise videos (3 to 16 min. long) and 17 meditation videos (5 to 15 min. long) and more are coming – you will repeat each video no more than twice during the whole program.
* Daily inspiration – 33 unique suggestions for improving you happiness and well-being.
* We will be answering your questions once a week – up to 3 simple questions per week.
* We decided to keep the price really affordable, so for all that goodness, it’s only 1 dollar per day. The real value of this program is well over a 100 dollars. We don’t know of any raw vegan program with full menu and daily exercise and meditation videos, especially for this kind of price. Do you?

Join us any time at: SimplyVibrantLife.com

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