Our passion is to educate people in healthy lifestyle and true nutrition.

Our biggest inspiration is mother nature, our best teacher is our experience. And we believe in the healing and nurturing power of living foods, proper exercise and positive thinking.

We joyfully extend a bright invitation to make The Whole Lifestyle work for you; allow us to open doors in yourself and rediscover your true happiness.


My name is Jesse. My purpose in life is to liberate folks so they may experience vibrant health, blissfulness and peace and harmony with nature. I am here to create a positive impact in the world and passionately inspire and support as many people as possible to be happier and healthier so they can live more fulfilling lives.

Other goals are to keep my health, to share my knowledge and experiences, to love, to live, to remember what I’ve learned and why I am here, to continue to learn, grow and give. I love to search for new helpful and positive information and share it with others. I’ve been through many difficult and life threatening situations: vaccinated to sickness, beaten and suppressed in school, experiencing nutritional starvation and sickness though eating cooked food and meat, lied to, lost in the man made world and robbed. I am leaving the past behind, forgiving everybody, enjoying the present moment, natural lifestyle and sharing my life and experiences with you.

I am the founder of The Whole Lifestyle, through which I support individuals on their overall lifestyle design: raw vegan diet, exercise, home and outdoor environments. I am doing it over the internet, at your home or at our health retreat in Croatia.

My studies:
1997 “Dr. Schulze’s Natural Healing Crusade workshop” with Dr. Richard Schulze
1998 David Wolfe’s lecture in CA
1999-2007 Raw food gatherings and events
2000-2001 David Wolfe’s “Eden Hot Springs” 2 times and events all over the USA and Hawaii
2001-2003 Iridology class twice
2002-2004 Dr. Douglas Graham’s “Health and Fitness Week” 4 times

Happily Powered by 100% living vegan plant based foods since 1998, all the time, count on it!
Coaching people since 2005. Passionately supporting you in raw vegan lifestyle, health, prosperity, peace and happiness.

Here is my story…

When I was little, an allergic reaction to a vaccine turned me from a healthy baby into a very sick one. This led to 20 years of disability and ill health.
One day, when I was 12, my mom took me to a specialist who was supposed to be a world expert. He made me take off my clothes and had me try to stand up and walk across the floor, which was very cold. He then picked up a tape recorder and proceeded to talk into it about me. He painted such a grim picture, saying that I would never be able to walk, that my condition would only get worse and that I would die from the hormonal changes of puberty. I was crying and my mom almost passed out. Sobbing, I told my mom I would prove the doctor wrong.

It was also very difficult to be around other kids because they made fun of me and wanted to fight and push me around. Those were dark days and I remember the pain of it being so great I wanted to die. One day I broke down and told my parents I would rather do anything than go to school again. My parents heard my heart and from then on they home-schooled me. It was much easier on me and I got to see the world as I studied and traveled all over with my parents.

This approach caused me to want to learn, and I was allowed all the time I needed to explore the subjects that interested me. This education made me think and look at things in a more real and logical way. There came a time when we did not go to mainstream doctors anymore. My mother became a naturopathic doctor so she could learn what she needed to know to help me. By then we had discovered that doctors do not learn anything about nutrition during their studies, which is why they insist that nutrition has nothing to do with healing. Then we discovered the power of fasting. Each time I water fasted I experienced great improvement in my symptoms, but as soon as I started eating cooked food again, the problems would return.

We tried many different diets. They where all healthier than Standard American Diet, yet none of these diets worked completely like the raw food diet did. I changed to a 100% raw vegan lifestyle overnight. I was 21 at the time. What convinced me the most about raw food was that humans and their pets are the only creatures that get sick with degenerative diseases. They are also the only ones who eat cooked food.

I went to see and studied with many raw food experts – something I am still doing to this day. I learned about the importance of rest, little or no stress, sunshine and exercise, and that a program that combines these essential elements with raw foods and periodic fasting enables the body to perform miracles. First I could walk without pain. Then for the first time, I could run. I gained 40 pounds over the next few years. This is what happens when the body is freed of mucus and able to absorb the essential nutrients on an enzyme-rich raw vegan diet.

Raw, organic food is a very important part of healing yet without emotional healing, finding peace in your heart and forgiving everyone, you will not heal completely. But the 100% raw vegan diet not only got me better physically, mentally and emotionally; I also woke up spiritually. I have a deep spiritual connection now with nature and with every person I meet on my path. I have to tell everyone starting on this path to get ready for a healing crises and not to give up.

I am a co-founder of The Cure Is In The Cause Foundation (thecureisinthecause.org). And also the founder of The Whole Lifestyle, through which I support individuals on their raw vegan diet, health, exercise, passion, happiness, peace, emotional aspects and home environment.

I have over 15 years experience as a healthy, happy 100% raw vegan, and over 7 years in supporting people in health, wellness and overall lifestyle design in a positive manner. I offer support by phone and over the internet and run a retreat in Croatia every summer.

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    1. We would be happy to guide you and support you on this amazing raw vegan path! Let us know if you have any questions or need any kind of support.

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