Allergy’s is a reaction of unbalanced immune system to substances that our body recognizes as foreign. It can be food, pollen, dust or other substances. Usually doctors treat allergies by suppressing immune response or sometimes even the whole immune system with steroids, both systemic and topical. This method temporarily provides symptom relief, but it does nothing to solve the real problem, which continues to manifest itself in one way or another. This leads to frequent need in medication, suffering from side effects, weakening of the immune system and as a result – constant illness.

The only way to truly heal the allergy is to understand and eliminate the underlying cause. There are two major types of allergies – from food and from inhaled particles. Both are closely related to chronic stress and unhealthy eating habits.

Food allergies are caused by undigested food particles in the blood stream. Antibodies in the blood bind with these particles and then can travel to any part of the body where they might create all sorts of problems. But how undigested food particles end up in a blood stream? Normally, to get to the blood stream food should be digested thoroughly in to tiny molecules of simple sugars, fats and amino acids. The rest of the food particles, like fiber and undigested parts should normally pass through the digestive tract without absorbing. Healthy walls of the small intestine has a tiny holes, which let only tiny particles through. But intestine walls can get irritated by unhealthy food or undigested food particles. As a result tiny holes in intestine walls become inflamed and enlarged, letting bigger food particles to enter the bloodstream and cause allergic reaction.

The most common foods that cause irritation of digestive tract are artificial food additives, gluten, meat and dairy products. When intestine walls get irritated by these unhealthy foods they become leaky. And then, even healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables can cause an allergic reaction.


When we eat under stress or not chew food properly it can pass through the stomach undigested and also inflame the small intestine walls. That’s why it is so important to take a few deep breaths and fill yourself with appreciation for your food before every single meal and let go of any stress or heavy thoughts while eating.

To heal leaky gut you need to eliminate all the irritants. To stay healthy after healing it is necessary to keep bad foods and chronic stress out of your life as much as possible. That will take away all the allergic reactions from healthy food and you can enjoy all the fruits and veggies without limitations.

Allergies from inhaled particles like dust and pollen are also connected to stress and to what and how we eat. The irritants themselves are only the secondary cause. Please remember, that body creates disease for it’s protective benefit. Our disease will spontaneously heal, when we improve our lifestyle habits.

If we have lots of mucus from bad foods we get allergies when the seasons change and that helps us detox some of that mucus out of our body. Jesse used to have allergy to sage brush blooms before he got on a raw vegan lifestyle.

The most important things that can help to heal allergy’s are: lowering your stress levels with meditation, singing, dancing, yoga or other activities that make you happy, eating healthy raw vegan food, restore healthy gut flora, relax before every meal, eat mindfully, have a weekly 24 hour fast, get enough sleep, fresh air, sunshine, laughter and appreciate your life.

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