Healing power of Love

Love can be very healing and you don’t have to look for it outside, you have all the love you need right in your heart. And the more love you give to other people the more of it they will give to you. Just remember that you can only truly love others, when you love yourself or even better – when you are one with yourself.

True love don’t hurt

If you think that love can hurt, this is not a true love, but emotional clinging. True love is always within you and is not dependent from other people or circumstances. If you love somebody at one moment and then feel hate to this person at another time, this is clear sign, that you are confusing true love with emotions of ownership. If you feel depressed then somebody is not longer around you, then what hurts you is not love to this person, but unsatisfied ego’s need to have this person around you. True love have nothing to do with any kind of suffering, thinking or concepts in your brain. That’s why we can only feel true love when we are fully in the moment and not thinking. That kind of love has an immense healing power.

Hormones of love

Feelings of love flood your body with health-creating hormones like dopamine, fenylethylamine, endorphin, oxytocin and others.
When you see somebody or something you like, your brain produces fenylethylamine. That makes your heartbeat faster, your cheeks get extra blood flow and you feel happier. This is the same hormone that you get after eating chocolate, but without all the bad side effects. So open your eyes and heart to the natural beauty around you and enjoy!
Endorphin makes you feel more happy and joyful. It is also a natural pain-killer. Endorphin takes away depression and mood swings. Our bodies are producing this hormone when we feel in love, when we exercise or just feeling happy about everything.
Oxytocin is also called the cuddle hormone because this hormone is produced in large quantities when we hug or caress. It makes you feel connected, takes away fear and makes you feel confident. Oxytocin is associated with feelings of love and trust, and may help protect from negative effects of depression.

How to heal with love

True love lies beyond the emotions, on a much deeper level. It is essentially the state of presence, you don’t have worries about the future, you are not missing or regretting the past. By eliminating all the worries from your mind and giving all the attention to the present moment, your body and your senses, you create a strong energy field which can heal all the negative emotions, strengthens your heart and immune system and even can help to heal many serious diseases, especially cancer and autoimmune diseases.

To experience the healing power of true love you don’t need another person or good circumstances. The first key to love is acceptance. Accept yourself and your life as they are right now, that will wipe off any negative emotions. Put your attention in the body, even if you feel physical pain – by doing that and accepting your pain you will transform it into the healing fire from within. You can enjoy this feeling and once you do – you are becoming a powerful healer of yourself. Then, you will be able to love others by accepting them as they are without any judgment or need to change them in any way. This is true love that can transform your whole life into a happy, wonderful and powerful experience.

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