Healing through fasting

If you have serious problems with health or you simply want to feel and look younger, there is a simple way to give your body a chance for healing and rejuvenating. But you can’t find much honest information about that in the mainstream media, because no industry can really make money on it. This effective, generally safe1 and totally free method is a short-term fasting. But you need to remember that it will only work if you permanently improve your diet. Also, fasting is not the best way to become slim in a long term. The best way to get fit is regular exercise and high carbohydrate raw vegan lifestyle.


In nature fasting is very natural part of life, simply because food is not always available. Many cultures around the world perform regular fasts traditionally. Every year hundreds of millions of people fast for religious, spiritual and health reasons. Our bodies were designed to store energy when we eat and to use it when people had no choice but to fast. Paul and Patricia Bragg wrote in their book “The Miracle Of Fasting” – “With a 24 hour complete water fast weekly – setting aside 52 days and four 7 to 10 day fasts a year for body purification – you can keep the toxins removed and flush the rust and crystals from your movable joints and muscles.”

Benefits of fasting

Fasting can heal many common diseases, because it allows the body to rest, detoxify, and concentrate all it’s energy on healing instead of digestion. Fasting can be as recharging for the organism as sleeping. During a longer fast, the body reaches out for all degenerative and foreign tissues in the body like fibroid tumors, moles, bacteria, viruses and any other sick and unnecessary tissues. In addition, during fasting a body can rest from complicated digestion and assimilation processes and focus on detoxification and regeneration of damaged tissues and organs. These are the biggest reasons why fasting can permanently heal so many different illnesses without unwanted side effects. All we need to do is to let our body use it’s ancient wisdom to cleanse, heal and thrive. However, to keep these beautiful health results we also need to eat a healthy diet, consisting mostly of fresh fruits and vegetables. Because by eating unhealthy we would accumulate new toxins and damage our organs all over again.

Here you can read an amazing real life story about the healing power of fasting that saved the life of our founder, Jesse.

In spite of unpopularity of fasting in corrupted medical circles, some honest researchers who really want to help people have done a number of intriguing clinical trials, showing amazing results in treating numerous diseases with prolonged water fasting. Here are some of their findings…2

* Hypertension can be permanently healed with 10-11 day water only fast, with appropriate periods of special diet for entering and finishing the fast.
* Because fasting reduces triglycerides, atheromas, total cholesterol, and increasing HDL levels, it takes care of such a deadly conditions as chronic cardiovascular disease and congestive heart failure.
* Fasting can also permanently heal type II diabetes (under doctor’s supervision), obesity and childhood epilepsy.
* It is also beneficial in grownup’s epilepsy, reducing the length, number, and severity of seizures.
* It relieves symptoms of acute pancreatitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, rosacea, chronic urticaria, and acute glomerulonephriti.
* Fasting can also help with severe toxic contamination and poisoning, such as with PCB, giving people dramatic relief after 7-10 day fasts.
* Fasting dramatically improves poor immune system.
* It can also help to set people free from other conditions such as intestinal parasites, allergies, depression, bronchial asthma, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, schizophrenia, insomnia and many others. * It has been proved that fasting increases life span in mammals.
* Fasting also helps to prevent cancer.
* To heal cancer one should be supervised by a good health practitioner and use fasting sparingly. You can get great results in healing cancer by following a healthy diet of fruits, greens and vegetables.
* Another beautiful effect of fasting is dramatic increase of growth hormone. Growth hormone helps to burn fat, build muscle3,4 and rejuvenate the whole body.
* Fasting is also more beneficial for fat loss then restricted calorie diets. Studies show that people release more fat with short regular fasts, then diet. Moreover, after fasting people tend to stay slim, while after dieting weight usually comes back very quickly.5

Worries about fasting

Some people may be worried about being hungry while fasting. But that kind of “hunger” usually appears within 3-4 hours after last meal, while the body still has more than enough energy and even food in their digestive tract. Usually there is enough glucose in the body to keep you energized for 12 hours, and it is usually completely burned only after 24 hours of fasting. After about 19 hours of fasting the body begins to use body fat as an energy source.

You also don’t have to worry about losing muscle on fasting. If you do a regular weight-bearing exercise you can preserve all your muscle even on a longer fast. Research has clearly shown that fasting for as long as 72 hours does not cause an increased breakdown in your muscle, nor does it slow down muscle protein synthesis.6 Body’s ability to conserve it’s vital tissues like muscle and organs is a result of evolution and it is there to protect our bodies from damage during periods of food scarcity.

Many people believe that fasting can slow down their metabolism, but studies show, that 3 days of straight fasting does not decrease or slow metabolism.7

In other study researchers found that 24 hour fasting had no negative effects on reaction time, recall or focused attention time.8

You also don’t have to worry about getting ‘low blood sugar’. Studies show that human’s body is amazingly effective at regulating the amount of sugar in the blood while fasting, unless person have drug-treated diabetes.9

Generally, up to 3 day fasting should be safe for most people, but we recommend to start slowly – first skipping just one meal, then one day of fasting per week and only then go to 3 day fasting. If you have any doubts about fasting or wish to fast longer, please consult with your health practitioner. If your doctor is totally against fasting you can try to find more conscious naturopathic doctors.

If you need any additional information or assistance with fasting you are welcome to talk to Jesse. You can book your online session with him here.

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1 There are few people with special conditions who should avoid fasting. These conditions are: state of starvation, severe anemia, porphyria and people with very rare deficiency who are unable to enter the state of ketosis. Fasting is not recommended to nursing mothers and diabetic women during pregnancy.

2 “The Health Benefits of Water Fasting” by Stephen Harrod Buhner, 2003.

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8 thoughts on “Healing through fasting

  1. I will be starting a 21 day water fast that will go into the Thanksgiving Holiday . I do not want to be anti social, but I feel a strong need to allow my body to heal itself by water fasting. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get through the Thanksgiving Holiday? I need to water fast for my health.

    1. Dear Thearse! Sorry for a late reply. We feel that the best time to fast is now, after the Christmas. You can do it at any other time also. It’s all about making the strong decision and telling about it to your friends and family. They will understand. If they don’t understand, just hide and make up a story… We can talk about it on Skype, if you want. Please register for here: http://www.thewholelifestyle.com/raw-food-support/
      Wishing you lots of success with your fasting! We are going for a long fast in a couple of days 🙂
      Reny and Jesse

  2. Can osteoporosis, urinary incontinence, angina and cancers be healed through water fasting as well?
    If yes, how is the water fast done?

    please l need your urgent reply.

    1. Hi, Sandra!

      If one person has all these conditions, we would recommend to be very careful with fasting. At first, it’s important to clean the body out with some raw foods and juicing. Green juices can be very helpful for all these conditions. Then, we would recommend to work with a specialist and decide together when it’s safe to start fasting. Fasting is a very powerful healing tool, but it needs to be used very carefully.
      If you like to talk more about it, you can register to Jesse’s Skype consultation by donation here: http://thewholelifestyle.com/raw-vegan-support/

      Wishing you a beautiful day and successful recovery!
      Reny from The Whole Lifestyle

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