Hot Winter Dressings

Days are getting cooler and evenings are really chilly, that’s when so many raw vegan enthusiasts start thinking about warm cooked dishes. But do we really have to sabotage our healing and cleansing processes with cooked food? Or is there a nice and enjoyable way to stay all raw, healthy and simply vibrant? 😉

Firstly, you can put on some nice music and move it, move it 🙂 Not only will it warm you up, but also boost your immune system, improve your mood and accelerate all your cleansing and healing processes.

Secondly, you can put on some colorful warm clothes. Colors can improve your mood and even make you feel warmer. Choose natural materials and loose styles, they allow more warm air to stay between your body and your clothes.

Third thing you can do is to take hot-cold showers. It will help to move your lymph, ground you out and calm you down. You will feel like new and much warmer.

And fourth, finally 😉 food! Yep, your raw food can be pretty hot. Pepper, ginger, turmeric, garlic, onion, all these things will not only warm you up, but also help you to withstand the flu season. Just make sure to be careful, too much and too often can irritate your digestive tract. Although there are many different opinions on this topic in a raw vegan movement.

Here are two of our favorite dressings:

Hot Olive Dressing


2 carrots
1 beet
1 zucchini
3 tablespoons of homemade sauerkraut
Small handful of pitted raw black olives
1 clove of garlic
Small piece of fresh red chilly pepper
Small bunch of parsley
Blend, put on the bed of shredded zucchini and cucumbers and enjoy!

Hot Purple Dressing


2 big beets
Big bunch of purple kale
Half of turnip (gets pretty hot after blending)
Little piece of cayenne pepper
Freshly ground cumin
Blend, put on the bed of shredded cucumbers and leftover turnip. Get ready to warm up!

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Some more tips for cold times:
* Take your veggies out of the fridge in advance to let them warm up to room temperature before you eat.
* Warm up your house.
* Eat a little bit more fat (avocados, raw olives, soaked nuts and seeds – preferably one type of fat at a time).
* And the last, but not least, go south for a tropical vacation and load up on awesome fruits in a beautiful warm climate! 🙂

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