Juicy salad with homemade tahini

Salad for two people or one really hungry one 🙂
One small head of lettuce
Bunch of dark colored garden greens
2 tomatoes
4-5 radishes
2 cucumbers
One small head of cauliflower
4-6 tablespoons of tahini (see recipe below)

Cut lettuce, garden greens, tomatoes, radishes, one cucumber and half of the cauliflower into bite size pieces. Shred the rest of the cauliflower and another cucumber. Add tahini and mix all ingredients in a bowl. Enjoy!

Soak 1 cup of sesame seeds overnight. Drain water, put seeds in the powerful blender. Add a little water to help it blend. You can also add some cumin, hot pepper or other fresh spices to taste. We prefer to leave it salt-free. If you choose to add salt, it will help to preserve your tahini longer, but be careful, use only unprocessed salt and in minimum quantities, because it can cause you water retention and other health problems.

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