New Year’s fruit cake

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Step 6: Blend the rest of the dates with 1 apple and put half of that mixture in the middle of each cake with a spoon.

Step 7: Cut persimmons in half and then slice them, arrange slices on each cake – one persimmon per cake.

Step 8: Put the rest of the date mixture in the middle of each cake.

Step 9: Slice 1 banana and cut 4 slices into the shape of the star or whatever other shape you wish, put them on top.


You can also make a tangerine juice by simply blending a bunch of tangerines, and serve the juice before the cake. Wait a few minutes to let the juice go down and dig into your sweetest and healthiest cake ever!

If you end up making this cake or your own different version, please let us know and share your experience on our Facebook page or comment below!

Thank you!

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