Our recipe book is moving along

We are working on our last recipes for this edition of the book, over 80 are done, trying to go to 100 🙂
It looks like we will have a lots of salads in this edition of the book (winter/spring), since fruit is so easy to eat just as it is and that’s what we are usually doing 🙂 But, we also include a lots of awesome soups, smoothies, juices, fruit cakes and even fruit sandwiches! There will be also some party recipes, like lasagna, rolls and stuffed veggies. All our recipes are 100% raw vegan, simple, well combined and low in fat (keeping it under 10% of your daily calories).
We will also include lots of tips and recommendations on nutrition, food combining, your personal menu plan, kitchen equipment and will even show you how to create your own unique recipes!
Let us know, what you think and what else would you like to see in our book. Please post your comments and suggestions below, we would love to see you as a part of this exiting creative process!
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6 thoughts on “Our recipe book is moving along

  1. The pictures you posted caught my attention. I am intrigued by “Fruit Sandwiches” thats something new and definitely worth trying. Waiting for the book launch…..with discount of course 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jessica! You inspired us to work quicker and make a couple more of these sandwiches 🙂 Hope you will enjoy the book! XXX

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