What is hypertension?

What is hypertension and how to get rid of it naturally?
Hypertension is high enough blood pressure to potentially cause damage to person’s heart and other organs. Statistics show, that over 30% of people don’t know that they even have high blood pressure, and they might be walking on thin ice like this for years.


What causes hypertension?

* Too much of the table salt
* Too little sodium
* Lack of potassium
* Dehydration
* Stress
* Coffee
* Smoking
* Alcohol
* Animal products
* Excess abdominal fat
* Lack of movement
* Lack of vitamin D
* Birth control pills
* Many other medical drugs

How to break free from hypertension?

* Stay away from table salt (avoid all packaged foods)**
* Load up on bananas and/or squash – they are high in potassium
* Drink about 2 liters of spring water daily
* Meditate and manage your stress (Jesse can support you with that)
* Switch from coffee to freshly squeezed orange juice – C vitamin is very refreshing
* Stop smoking – load up on niacin rich foods to fight your cravings
* Stop drinking alcohol, if your friends drink – find new friends
* Go vegan – the benefits are endless, including balanced blood pressure
* Go for a walk – one of the best ways to slim down and lower blood pressure
* Do any kind of movement – dancing, yoga, biking, hiking – that manages your stress, your weight and so much more
* Get your vitamin D from sunshine – just 15 minutes a day can be enough or 30 minutes if it’s cloudy
* Avoid any drugs, they only cover up the symptoms, making you even sicker in the background
* Get individual support of a natural health expert, like Jesse who can look into your particular situation with health and support you in every step.

**Here is the message from our friend: “While sodium chloride is not general healthy to consume, sometimes it can save your life. (And though I am not at this time intentionally choosing to consume salt, I am choosing instead to get my sodium from copious amounts of celery and have for the most part quit drinking any additional water. ) Having too little sodium in ones diet can and does lead to hypertension. Further more, if someone has too little sodium in their diet/blood and then further dilute that with water consumption it only makes the hypertension worse.” Kris Trader


Monica’s 3 day healing story

monicaTwelve months ago I started having problems with my gut, lots of diarrhea throughout the day. Some days not being able to leave the house. Then I started seeing blood and puss between bouts of diarrhea.

My husband and I went to see an alternative Doc who has a wonderful group and things started to get a little bit better. I had a friend do a deep tissue massage on me and that was the final straw! After the massage I started bleeding heavily, with lots of blood clots. It’s been like this for the past 6 weeks. Very debilitating.

The Doc told me to keep in mind that everything inside my gut is raw open sores which allow food to pass into the blood stream where toxins release. Any solid food, especially my beloved greens from my garden caused extreme pain and lots of bleeding.

I heard about the G.A.P.S. diet through the Dr. Mercola site by a Russian Doc named Natasha Cambell Mc Bride who is curing all sorts of things with her folk remedy.

She suggests cooking up bone with cartilage soups, removing the soft tissue, pureeing it, and putting it back into the pot. Then each day drink as much of it as you wish till the gut heals. But I was still bleeding and didn’t know what else to do. Even pureed chicken soup caused me to bleed like mad. It seemed it was getting worse, so I really had to do something radical, or I could see this turning into cancer. EEEKKKK!

In just 3 days of being on the raw vegan protocol suggested by Jesse I have stopped bleeding, and much of my gastrointestinal pain is gone!

Yesterday we were in Auckland to see our Doc and he gave me a clean bill of health!!! The juicing fast along with other methods did the trick in just 3 days. I stayed on it for 6 days and am eating one solid meal a day now and it’s all good! Thank you so much for your and Dr. Ruza’s advice. You guys are a life savers!

This illness experience has been a wake up call for me. Having been supremely healthy for 65 years I started taking it for granted. Now I know how horrible it is to be so sick, you can’t go outside your home for fear of not getting to a toilet in time.

But the lesson learned is to never stop juicing! John and I made a pack to have a fresh juice for lunch every day. So fruit for breakfast, juice for lunch, and a salad for dinner.

I’m thrilled! My husband is also doing well and listening and responding more to nutritional suggestions having seen what results I got. He is inspired!

Love, Monica

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Patty’s story

Jesse is a wealth of knowledge on the subject of nutrition and health, with an emphasis on the importance of a healthy raw food lifestyle. He has helped me finally understand Optimum Wellness. His methods of teaching and his impeccability made it so clear and easy to understand. I have known Jesse for several years now, and know that he truly practices what he teaches, without deviation from his lifestyle and goals. Even on the other side of the world, with e-mails, Skype, and his newsletters it seems as if Jesse is right next to me, helping with a health concern that I chose to overcome without prescription medication. Because of his work, I was able to lose some excess weight with the right fitness and nutrition plan custom tailored for my needs, improve my cardiovascular health, and be supported along the way! I am able to pass on his healthy lifestyle advice to my clients who address similar concerns, or I refer them to him directly. I truly know that he is a Master of what he teaches, and leads by example.

Patty’s message: “Hey remember when I went to the Dr. when you were here, and i was given that Rx that I ripped up…. 3 years and no heart meds, and I’m still alive…… Thanks to you and Sean for your healthy eating habits advice and Seans Salsa recipe…… I make it often, and keep him alive in my heart by following his healthy advice!!!!!!! And that flowering plant that you gave me……. still alive too…planted it at my sisters house….I can actually say that you are in the business of keeping me alive and well, I am thankful for having met you and your family on Maui!!!!!!!! I’m sure that you do that for everybody whose life that you touch…. Ho’opono’pono”.

Patricia Medina, LMT, NCTMB, ~ Las Vegas, NV, USA

Unchocolaty cravings-buster smoothie


This is an ultimate cravings buster, our favorite chocolate-tasting no chocolate smoothie. We do not recommend stimulants. Even raw cacao, while being better then coffee and other stimulants is still draining the adrenals, taxing the system and leaving you tired the next day.
If you are trying to avoid overt fats in your diet, this smoothie can help you to feel more satisfied and carry on. Just make sure you will get the raw carob, not roasted.

2 pears
8 bananas
2-3 tbs. of raw carob
Blend, enjoy!

Danae’s story

Where the magic begins

danaeMy raw food journey goes back about 4 years ago, when Reny was the one who introduced me to it. Possibly the one of the greatest turning points of my life.
It hasn’t been as easy as it first felt like. There has been happy moments, and there has been painful ones. There has been a lot of drawbacks, too.

But then, thanks to Reny, I met Jesse, and he brought me back to the very reason why I fell in love with the idea, the raw vegan lifestyle.

I mean, there are hundreds and hundreds of videos, loads of information out there on losing weigh, nutrition (not in any case it is good though), enzymes and all, even about the new higher energy you feel physically and mentally – the vibration is powerful, indeed – and that’s all very great. Just that I always felt that there is something missing.

And then, listening to Jesse talking, I felt something touched inside, a very special place, a place that I have hidden very well, out of reach. A place where there is a light, an unconditional love for everything, for everyone, a place that is nothing to do with the ego or even with my own self improvement. It just is, and it shines. Everything is accepted as it is, including myself. It’s a beautiful place. It’s a side of me I felt always there, but hardly ever really reached it, experienced it.

When you are on a raw vegan lifestyle, day to day you grow this „place“ bigger, shinier, developing all that is good inside you, behind all these layers what are not you. So that you realize that this place he touches, you know, this side of you that was hidden so well…That’s not a place, nor is it a side of you…it is…what you actually may call…YOU. 🙂

The thing why I think Jesse’s presence and personal wisdom is so powerful, how he can so easily reach to this REAL YOU, is that all these years he has been doing all that, shining the lightness, living his talk, acting with love and caring, making peace with his body and soul, nourishing them with exactly the right kind of things.

When you come down to it, raw food lifestyle is not so hard or complicated. More than that, it’s the simplest, most natural way of being. As far as I have experienced, at least. 🙂 The thing that matters is to expand all these simple  truths and practices into your life, so it slowly becomes your lifestyle. You don’t need to eat „healthy crap“ that doesn’t taste good neither look eatable, you choose to eat this beautiful and simple food because you choose to nourish your body and soul with the right things and do it every day. Its not a diet to loose some weight and then go back to „normal“ eating, it’s a lifestyle you take up. And it’s worth any struggle or hard time you may get along the way.

Because you see, in my opinion, there is only one way to true happiness and fulfillment. And it’s by turning back to what is really you, what is real to you. It can be hard, as there is so many distractions, so many stimulants, numbing the real you out. Raw food lifestyle is one way to recognize what is real, it gives you the chance to really see what is going on inside you and in the world around you. To feel how you feel about it. To seek behind the surface, to seek inside every dimension of your life. To clean up your world and let go of everything that doesn’t serve you anymore. Cause as long as there is something suppressed, held back, there is a chance to fall, to lose the track and it can hit you pretty hard.

Jesse is not here to tell you what is right to eat or how to act right. He just guides you to your own right. And that is from where all the magic begins. 🙂
He guides you to your own right, giving an example of his passionate one along the way.

Thank you, Jesse, for the endless and nonjudgmental love. Seriously. I could never have expected to have this kind of teacher, a friend and a support. You truly are a gift. 🙂