New Year’s fruit cake

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Step 6: Blend the rest of the dates with 1 apple and put half of that mixture in the middle of each cake with a spoon.

Step 7: Cut persimmons in half and then slice them, arrange slices on each cake – one persimmon per cake.

Step 8: Put the rest of the date mixture in the middle of each cake.

Step 9: Slice 1 banana and cut 4 slices into the shape of the star or whatever other shape you wish, put them on top.


You can also make a tangerine juice by simply blending a bunch of tangerines, and serve the juice before the cake. Wait a few minutes to let the juice go down and dig into your sweetest and healthiest cake ever!

If you end up making this cake or your own different version, please let us know and share your experience on our Facebook page or comment below!

Thank you!

With half a thyroid gland – no medication

Living with half a thyroid gland – without any medication.


In 2006 I was diagnosed with cancer in my thyroid gland. The medical professionals told me I had to have surgery of the whole gland and use medication for the rest of my life. When I heard this my inner system was reacting – big time! This news made me turn within, and a long process of self-study, self-development and healing began. At the same time I also left a long term relationship. I chose to have surgery on the left side where cancer was found, though I really did not wanted to have surgery at all. My inner voice told me not to, but at that point I experienced great emotional unbalance so I wasn’t able to handle the pressure around me. I remember I was scared of giving me too much challenges now with only half a thyroid. Could I really manage to heal myself and live with only half without taking any medication at all?

The power within me and the connection with God grew stronger. This became my inspiration and motivation when I had my periods of great challenges. The past 6 years I have chosen to let my intuition and inner guidance lead me to my next steps. A huge emotional baggage I have carried with me for years needed first priority. A lot of fear had to come down to a minimum – so that I could really listen within and take as good care of myself that I was able to. No news on TV, radio or people around me with negative thoughts and behavior. I have struggled with low self-esteem and self-confidence and now after years of really getting to know myself and jumping off the “slave of the mind” train – I found out about the low fat raw vegan lifestyle. I have been a vegetarian for some years when I was younger, and also loving fruits – but as long as I couldn’t find peace within myself – I was not able to succeed eating the way I do now.

I have had great challenges with fear and extreme pain in my body the past years when I have been dealing with shedding off layers after layers of old believe systems. And when I became open enough and receptive I experience how my heart open up more – and as I have read before “when the student is ready the teacher show up”.

And one day a couple of months ago I was looking up on the internet about raw vegan lifestyle and found out about Jesse. I felt drawn to make contact with him. I greatly value our sessions. A few weeks back I received the expected call from my antroposophical doctor who has stood by me and supported letting me make my choices listening within. She has told me several times how exciting it has been for her to follow me on my life journey. When she told me that my tests showed a balanced thyroid with normal values, she just confirmed to me what I could feel in my body. The past years my body has become very sensitive to what I do and what I put in my mouth, so how this is affecting my self-esteem and self-confidence makes me feel so good. It was so good to hear my doctor even say ” this is truly amazing”. It has taken me a couple of weeks to really take in and digest this great news. I am living proof that it is really possible to live with, even half a thyroid, without medication – which amaze me. I feel the greatest influence in my healing process is living on a raw vegan lifestyle eating fresh alive food, and cleaning up the emotional baggage.

Blessings, Lena


Here is what people say about Jesse…

I want you to know that when I had my heart attack & stroke it was YOUR STORY ABOUT HEALING THROUGH FASTING that inspired me to refuse any cooked food while at the hospital as I told them respectfully “I am happy to drink water only for the 10 day hospital stay”…in my heart I knew I would be O.K. because I knew this guy that I hung out with in Ecuador had healed himself through water fasting…thanks for being such an inspiration to the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Conrardy
~The Raw Food Trucker~

Congratulations Jesse…I just watched your video….the power of fasting!! Great to see that you and your mum are spreading the word and leading by example!! I believe that the way we solve this problem of vaccination in America is by way of leadership and setting an example…that’s what you’re doing!!Joe Cross
From the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”

Jesse is amazing and true inspiration!!Jeff Golfman
“The Cool Vegeterian”

“Jesse is my teacher, and when I forget, he reminds me to keep it natural.”
Thank you so much, you saved my life! Love always, Mama…Dr. Ruza
The founder of “The Cure Is In The Cause” foundation

Jesse is a wealth of knowledge on the subject of nutrition and health, with an emphasis on the importance of a healthy raw food lifestyle. He has helped me finally understand Optimum Wellness. His methods of teaching and his impeccability made it so clear and easy to understand. I have known Jesse for several years now, and know that he truly practices what he teaches, without deviation from his lifestyle and goals. Even on the other side of the world, with e-mails, Skype, and his newsletters it seems as if Jesse is right next to me, helping with a health concern that I chose to overcome without prescription medication. Because of his work, I was able to lose some excess weight with the right fitness and nutrition plan custom tailored for my needs, improve my cardiovascular health, and be supported along the way! I am able to pass on his healthy lifestyle advice to my clients who address similar concerns, or I refer them to him directly. I truly know that he is a Master of what he teaches, and leads by example.Patty’s message: “Hey remember when I went to the Dr. when you were here, and i was given that Rx that I ripped up…. 3 years and no heart meds, and I’m still alive…… Thanks to you and Sean for your healthy eating habits advice and Seans Salsa recipe…… I make it often, and keep him alive in my heart by following his healthy advice!!!!!!! And that flowering plant that you gave me……. still alive too…planted it at my sisters house….I can actually say that you are in the business of keeping me alive and well, I am thankful for having met you and your family on Maui!!!!!!!! I’m sure that you do that for everybody whose life that you touch…. Ho’opono’pono”.Patricia Medina, LMT, NCTMB, ~ Las Vegas, NV, USA

JosephBraun“I met with Jesse because I was having some emotional issues preventing me from eating the best foods. He was very patient, understanding, and nonjudgemental, listening to my issue and sincerely wanting to help. Well, he did help, BIG TIME!! Thanks Jesse for being an inspiration and new friend on this path. Love and light!”

Joseph Braun

“Jesse was the first person who beautifully expressed the exact reason, that made me fall in love with raw vegan food. I never heard anybody explain it that way and that’s why it was so powerful! Huh :)”Danae

LenaIn 2006 I was diagnosed with cancer in my thyroid gland. The medical professionals told me I had to have surgery of the whole gland and use medication for the rest of my life…And one day a couple of months ago I was looking up on the internet about raw vegan lifestyle and found out about Jesse. I felt drawn to make contact with him. I greatly value our sessions…

Here comes the feedback from my doctor about my latest tests. She told me that the measure of T3 and T4 etc about the thyroid gland was IN BALANCE. And I burst out into tears. Woow, that was SO beautiful to hear.

I asked her if there were any kind of danger for me and my health right now – and she said loud and clear with a smiling tone in her voice “no, there is no danger for your health”. And when it comes to me living with half a thyroid without medication she said ” it is amazing/incredible”.

Read the whole story here.


“Jesse, thanks for all your help – your videos motivated me on this raw diet and I have lost 52 pounds…will be below 200 for the first time in 20 years…yay! – energy levels are off the charts too… You are a true visionary!”

Gregg Webber

We had great time and a lot of fun with Jesse: diving from the pier, playing basketball to name a few. Simply talking to Jesse – real raw vegan pro – was balm to the soul!From Moscow, Russia with LOVE!!!Natasha, Vadim and 2 young fellas – Andrey (5 yrs old) and Dmitry (9 months old)

Thank you for helping me combat acne by eliminating dairy and other great tips. Tough not eating some stuff but well worth it. Especially great prices for a student. Thanks for everything Jesse!

Kyle, London

I met Jesse on the internet and whatever you may say about virtual friendships – this one went deep! Never met anyone before who was able to motivate me better to keep up a raw vegan lifestyle.I had two consultations with him and it was like talking to someone you’ve known forever. He doesn’t judge you, he doesn’t blame you – he just wants you to have the best possible experience in life. Jesse explained to me how to improve my raw nutrition – not by adding a lot of fancy super foods, but by leaving out and keeping it simple. Just as mother nature had it planned for us. And it works!
It’s so great to have met someone who actually believes in what he does and lives according to the simple laws of nature that he is trying to get across to all the people. I am so grateful to have met Jesse! Thank you!Jens Wollmerath, Musician from Germany

I had the pleasure of an eight hour phone consultation in support of my desire to try more raw foods in my diet with an aim to cleanse myself from the inside out.It’s surprising how a few simple steps in changing how we think about food can empower the individual to become more conscious and aware of our environment. I received the most professional advice and outstanding service. With my original background as a Chef I thought I knew everything there was about the notion of good food but even I had many pleasant surprises. I underwent 8 intensive hours spread over several dates and look forward to more sessions in the future.I give my highest recommendation for anyone who is serious about reviewing their lifestyle with the best optimal health and happiness in mind.Don’t put off today what you may regret tomorrow.To your best health & prosperity,
Nancy Redford London, UK

I was looking for support in my raw food journey for a several years, but was scared away from most places because of prices and also being unsure about results. I felt that all the complicated solutions given by many experts are not the best solution for me. I needed something real, truthful and deep. I wanted somebody to help me to come back to the pure state of being in a simple and natural manner. And this is what Jesse did for me! He gave me a simple, precise, well balanced and incredibly effective lifestyle plan. I am endlessly thankful to this friendly and open minded guy for changing my life..Yes, my life is finally really really changing! I am enjoying 100% raw food lifestyle and feeling big changes in my well being and happiness. Thank you so much, Jesse for doing what you are doing!Reny

Plastic bags catastrophe

Save the earth from the overload of plastic

Plastic trash overflow is one of the greatest ecology catastrophes of our time. Plastic bottles and bags is something most people in “developed” countries use and throw away daily and mindlessly. Even when we bring plastic bottles to the recycle containers they might end up in a huge landfill, polluting the earth and killing birds, animals and even making us sicker. Because it is more expensive to recycle plastic bottles then to make a new one from the nonrenewable resources such as petroleum and natural gas.


Regular plastic bags may take about 1000 years to decompose but nobody really knows the exact number yet. Plastic bags can’t biodegrade, but sunlight dissolves them into toxic polymer particles. Most often this happens in the sea. According to the Wall Street Journal, only 1% of plastic bags are recycled world-wide; the rest are left in landfills. Due to their light weight plastic bags can fly away from landfills and pollute large areas of forests, meadows, beaches and ocean. According to the British Antarctic Survey, discarded plastic bags have been found as far north as the Arctic Circle and as far south as The Falkland Islands. Millions of birds, turtles and other sea animals die of starvation after ingesting discarded plastic bags.

Paper bags are not a good alternative to plastic, because it’s usually made from trees, making our forests disappear on a even faster rate. Paper bag production and transportation requires even more energy then plastic and it releases a huge amount of toxins into the atmosphere. In a regular landfill paper bags can’t decompose properly and continue to release toxic waste into the atmosphere. This definitely puts paper bags into non-ecological category of products.

Plastic lunch boxes and drink bottles are made with PVC and can contain cancer causing and hormone disrupting chemicals such as lead, BPA, and phthalate. They can potentially leach into the food and from there to our bodies. So it’s really important to find good substitutes.


Best substitutes for plastic lunch boxes and drinking bottles would be glass or stainless steel boxes and bottles. Glass is our favorite as it doesn’t affect food at all. The only problem is that it’s breakable. To secure your glass containers you can use thick soft cases.

Instead of plastic grocery bags you can use hemp, cotton or recycled reusable bags. Our favorite brand is Chico bags. They have great designs and bright colors to choose from. The materials are nice to touch, machine washable and durable.

Try not to use plastic bowls in food preparation. Old plastic is especially dangerous, because it breaks down over time into toxic particles even on a higher level then new plastic. Be creative in finding an alternative, if you can’t find a big glass bowl for a salad you can even use a big stainless steel pot or your grandma’s ceramic pot. The main thing is your enthusiastic intention, the rest will follow.

And if you think that one person can’t make a big difference, think again. Over a lifetime, use of reusable bags by just one person would save about 22,000 plastic bags and possibly, lots of sea turtles and square miles of our beautiful, bountiful earth.

Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!

Do you remember the time when you were a teenager? How you wanted to grow up, get a car, get respect, make lots of money, look serious, be like a grownup. All these things that society made us believe that we need. Do we really, or can it be a trap?
There are many industries out there who’s success is based on people’s imaginary needs. They make you believe that you need all these products, you need a bigger house, several cars and all this clothing and jewelry because it gives you respect from other people or makes you feel more fulfilled in life. But every time we get something, we discover that is doesn’t give us real happiness, only a brief satisfaction, that passes quite quickly leading to the next wish and next and next.

There is a very simple way out of this witch’s ring. Just become grateful for what you are and what you have right now. It might be very difficult for the majority of the people, but it is a very simple act. Every child does that automatically. So we don’t have to learn nothing. We just need to drop our stagnant adult’s ideas and beliefs.

When you becoming an adult, you also desperately need to be right in an argument. Because this is the quality of your parents you always wanted to yourself. You were probably hoping that this will give you what you want. And when you’ll get that, it will make you happy. This wanting of something can make you constantly worry about the future. “Will I get this thing? How can I get this? Why I am not getting this?” Besides the future, adults also need to protect their past, because they think that this is who they are.



Little children don’t have much of the past, so they don’t have to worry about protecting it. The concept of the future and respect is yet undeveloped. Free from past and future, a little child spends most of the time enjoying the present.

Yes, adults have obligations, that children don’t have. But dwelling in the past or future does not help to perform any tasks or work. Giving all your attention to the present on the other hand helps to perform excellent at any job or being a great parent. So it is totally possible to be carefree and happy as a child while being productive at work and caring for your children.

Your mind might have other excuses for not being happy now, like painful life experiences, regret, shame, loss. But do you want your mind to trick you and rob you of your life? You can ask yourself who is benefiting from your pain? What it is good for? Maybe you can drop it? Imagine just for a minute, that you dropped all your worries, all your past and pain. Do you feel that fresh breeze of childish happiness coming over you? It is always here, right in front of you, just waiting for you to open up!

From many people’s near-death experience we know, that probably every person is opening up to that universal energy in the end of life. But why wait until the end? Just wake up now, you will make happy not only yourself but all the people around you!

Try a 30 day challenge, be more child like and do the things you love and really want out of life, enjoy the moment more, go out into nature, try to talk to that inner child and find out what really makes you happy in the core of your heart. As we like to say, “find your passion and make it happen”.


Allergy’s is a reaction of unbalanced immune system to substances that our body recognizes as foreign. It can be food, pollen, dust or other substances. Usually doctors treat allergies by suppressing immune response or sometimes even the whole immune system with steroids, both systemic and topical. This method temporarily provides symptom relief, but it does nothing to solve the real problem, which continues to manifest itself in one way or another. This leads to frequent need in medication, suffering from side effects, weakening of the immune system and as a result – constant illness.

The only way to truly heal the allergy is to understand and eliminate the underlying cause. There are two major types of allergies – from food and from inhaled particles. Both are closely related to chronic stress and unhealthy eating habits.

Food allergies are caused by undigested food particles in the blood stream. Antibodies in the blood bind with these particles and then can travel to any part of the body where they might create all sorts of problems. But how undigested food particles end up in a blood stream? Normally, to get to the blood stream food should be digested thoroughly in to tiny molecules of simple sugars, fats and amino acids. The rest of the food particles, like fiber and undigested parts should normally pass through the digestive tract without absorbing. Healthy walls of the small intestine has a tiny holes, which let only tiny particles through. But intestine walls can get irritated by unhealthy food or undigested food particles. As a result tiny holes in intestine walls become inflamed and enlarged, letting bigger food particles to enter the bloodstream and cause allergic reaction.

The most common foods that cause irritation of digestive tract are artificial food additives, gluten, meat and dairy products. When intestine walls get irritated by these unhealthy foods they become leaky. And then, even healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables can cause an allergic reaction.


When we eat under stress or not chew food properly it can pass through the stomach undigested and also inflame the small intestine walls. That’s why it is so important to take a few deep breaths and fill yourself with appreciation for your food before every single meal and let go of any stress or heavy thoughts while eating.

To heal leaky gut you need to eliminate all the irritants. To stay healthy after healing it is necessary to keep bad foods and chronic stress out of your life as much as possible. That will take away all the allergic reactions from healthy food and you can enjoy all the fruits and veggies without limitations.

Allergies from inhaled particles like dust and pollen are also connected to stress and to what and how we eat. The irritants themselves are only the secondary cause. Please remember, that body creates disease for it’s protective benefit. Our disease will spontaneously heal, when we improve our lifestyle habits.

If we have lots of mucus from bad foods we get allergies when the seasons change and that helps us detox some of that mucus out of our body. Jesse used to have allergy to sage brush blooms before he got on a raw vegan lifestyle.

The most important things that can help to heal allergy’s are: lowering your stress levels with meditation, singing, dancing, yoga or other activities that make you happy, eating healthy raw vegan food, restore healthy gut flora, relax before every meal, eat mindfully, have a weekly 24 hour fast, get enough sleep, fresh air, sunshine, laughter and appreciate your life.


Can meat make you overweight, sick and depressed?


The first study of thousands of vegans is released. It compares their body mass index to that of vegetarians, flexitarians, and omnivores.

Sick and depressed

And do you really need meat?

Look at this guy, he is a great runner, muscular guy, does he eat meat? Or any other protein?


According to FDA’s Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System there are 11,000 serious adverse reactions to vaccination every year.
Over 100 of which are deaths from vaccines.
At the same time FDA estimates that only about 10% of adverse reactions including deaths are reported.

And National Vaccine Information Center reported that 97% of vaccine related deaths and disabilities go unreported.

That means that each year well over 1,000 people die from vaccines in US.
Many researchers believe that some vaccines are 100 times more deadly than diseases they suppose to protect from.

One of the best books to read on the topic is “Vaccination Is Not Immunization” by our good friend Tim O’Shea.
Tim was asking many parents of unvaccinated children about the health of their child.
And he always gets the same response – the unvaccinated child is always much healthier than the vaccinated children.
You can learn more about Tim’s work on his page

In his later article Tim O’Shea talks about CALIFORNIA BILL AB 499 which allows doctors to vaccinate 12 year old children in school without permission of their parents.
They make it look nice as if they were protecting children from sexually transmitted diseases.
One of the vaccines they give under coverage of that low is Gardasil (vaccine from Pappiloma Virus) to supposedly protect girls form cancer of the cervix and boys from other type of cancer. But Pappiloma Virus have actually no proven connection with any kind of cancer.
The proven fact is that viruses don’t even replicate in cancer cells.
By no stretch of the imagination can cancer of the cervix be regarded as an sexually transmitted disease.
And this unnecessary vaccine has dosens of side effects including loss of consciousness, loss of vision and seizures and even paralysis.
In 2008 there where 30 reported deaths from Gardasil among young girls.
In 2010 government tracking system for vaccine injuries reported 26 American girls who died from the Gardasil shot during last year.
But there are many more unreported deaths.

Please think and research before you vaccinate your children!

Should we drink milk?

Well, if anybody wants to get osteoporosis (look at the statistics below the videos), congested sinuses, problems with their lungs and if one continues with dairy, you just might get “lucky” and get diabetes, cancer, and some other “nice” diseases and get totally depended on a doctor and prescription drugs then yes, one can get it all by consuming dairy or other animal products. Drinking milk also makes a person a “lucky” participant of one of the hugest cruelty projects in the world by helping to clear our planet from forests and ultimately it’s very skin – the fertile dirt.. (See the movie “Meat the Truth”).

Even The Harvard School of Public Health “Declares Dairy NOT Part of Healthy Diet”. Harvard’s nutrition experts pointed out that the university’s food guide was based on sound nutrition research and more importantly, not influenced by food industry lobbyists. They write that “high intake (of milk products) can increase the risk of prostate cancer and possibly ovarian cancer.” Experts suggesting that collards, bok choy and some other fresh produce is safer choices than dairy for obtaining calcium and other important minerals.

So… what do you say? Do you want to drink milk and get all these nice “cookies” with it? Or do you want to get (or continue to be ; ) healthy, happy, free, spiritual and kind human being? Everybody is free to decide for themselves ; )

For further details you can look at the statistics below or go to


Here are some facts found from the paper called “What causes osteoporosis”
In Greece the average milk consumption doubled from 1961 to 1977 (21) (and was even higher in 1985), and during the period 1977 – 1985 the age adjusted osteoporosis incidence almost doubled too. (22)

In Hong Kong in 1989 twice as much dairy products were consumed as in 1966 (21) and osteoporosis incidence tripled in the same period. (23) Now their milk consumption level is almost “European”, and so is osteoporosis incidence. (24)

Where the most milk is consumed, the osteoporosis incidence is highest. Compared to other countries, the most milk is consumed in Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and The Netherlands (300 to 400 kg / cap / year), and osteoporosis incidence in these countries has sky rocketed. (25)

Like Australians and New Zealanders, (26) Americans consume three fold more milk than the Japanese, and hip-fracture incidence in Americans is therefore 2½ fold higher. (27) In racial groups within America that consume less milk, like the Mexican-Americans and Black Americans, osteoporosis incidence is two-fold lower than in white Americans, (28) which is not due to genetic differences. (29)

Chinese consume very little milk (8 kg / year), and hipfracture incidence, therefore, is among the lowest in the world; hip-fracture incidence in Chinese women is six fold lower than in the US. (30) (The average American consumes 254 kg milk / year) The less milk consumed, the lower is the osteoporosis rate. (31)

In other countries where very little milk is consumed, on the average, as in Congo (32), Guinea (33) and Togo (34) (6 kg / year) osteoporosis is extremely rare. In the Dem. Rep. Congo, Liberia, Ghana, Laos and Cambodia even less milk is consumed (average person: 1 to 3 kg a year !!), and they’ve never even heard of age-related hip fracture.

Of course, ‘the milk industry’ will say : “that’s because blacks and Asians are genetically different from whites”, but that is rubbish ; Osteoporosis incidence in female Asians is much lower than in Asian females living in the USA (35) just like osteoporosis incidence (and calcium consumption) in African Bantu women (36) is much lower than in Bantu women living in the USA. (37) And both calcium intake and hip-fracture rate is far lower in South African Blacks than in African
Americans. (38)
Of all humans, babies need the most calcium because their bones are still weak and need to be calcified much more. And mothers’ milk does, of course, contain all the calcium (and other nutrients) babies need in their first two years. Babies fed on mother’s milk are perfectly able to increase bone-mineral density.
So, exactly how much calcium does mothers’ milk contain ?
Not much:
Calcium in mg / 100 g
226 Hazelnuts , 132 Brazil nuts, 96 Olives, 87 Walnuts, 54 Figs, 44 Black berries, 42 Orange, 40 Raspberries, 38 Kiwi, 33 Mandarin, 32 Human milk, 20 Coconut, 18 Grapes, 16 Apricot, 16 Pineapple, 14 Plum, 12 Mango, 11 Watermelon, 10 Avocado, 9 Banana

Vitamin D
Some say osteoporosis incidence is higher in countries with little sunlight. Is osteoporosis incidence really lower in countries with more sunlight?
No. Italy is much sunnier than Poland, hip-fracture incidence in Italy is much higher (40) than in Poland (and Spain) (41), simply because in Italy 25% more dairy products are consumed. (21) Kuwait is extremely sunny, but, nevertheless, osteoporosis in Kuwait is about as high as in Great Britain and France (35), because in Kuwait, also, drinks a lot of milk. (21)




(21) FAO database on the internet ; Statistical Database / Food Balance Sheet Reports. Hong Kong has been removed from the database since the unification with China.

(22) Paspati, I. et al, Hip fracture epidemiology in Greece during 1977-1992. Calcif. Tissue Int. 1998 / 62 (6) / 542-547.

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Don’t read this one

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This is a dangerous page, it can shatter your point of view at many foods and things, considered healthy or at least normal by mainstream society.*


*This information has not been approved by FDA and does not follow the principles of the Standard American Diet.

To stay healthy it is important to avoid certain things that might undermine your well being. Chemicals in the household, use of plastics, smoking, coffee, alcohol, drugs, food that does not agree with our digestive system, negative thinking, under-sleeping and some other bad things can transform healthy young person into a very sick one. But, luckily our bodies are very forgiving and by avoiding these unhealthy habits you can reclaim your health and stay vibrant and happy for the rest of your life.

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