Amazing vitamin C

Everybody knows that vitamin C is good for you when you are having a flu. But did you know that it can also help to rejuvenate your skin, give you a nice boost of energy without making you tired after-wards, neutralize the ill effects of the stress and pollution and helps to give up smoking and coffee? It is also crucially important in healing wounds, infections and almost any other condition that you may have.


All this is possible thanks to the unique structure of vitamin C. Chemically it is a simple carbohydrate which contains an unusual, highly reactive combination of molecules. That makes vitamin C very active and it readily gives away or accepts electrons from it’s surroundings. We know, that the whole living process is nothing more than a flow of electrons. Therefore, having an abundance of vitamin C in your body makes everything flow with greater ease and efficiency. This amazing vitamin acts like an oil for the machinery of life!

Primates are practically the only animals who are not producing vitamin C in their own body. So for humans the only natural way to get this powerful healing substance is though food. And the best foods to get vitamin C are fresh fruits, veggies and greens, especially wild edibles like rose hips, cranberries and dandelion greens. But please remember that cooking destroys this crucially important vitamin, so let’s keep it raw.

Serious diseases and Vitamin C

In his book “The Healing Factor – Vitamin C Against Disease” Irwin Stone shows us how deficiency of vitamin C is related to many terrifying diseases,  including cancer, heart disease, strokes, infections, mental illness, old age, diabetes, arthritis, kidney disease, hepatitis and others. Scientists discovered, that confronted with infection most animals produce not only antibodies but also large amounts of ascorbic acid in their liver. But because humans can’t do it they might be in danger if their diet does not include fresh raw produce, rich in vitamin C. Some progressively thinking doctors have successfully healed very sick patients with mega doses of ascorbic acid, which is much safer than chemotherapy and toxic drugs, but still an unnatural method. We would rather recommend a raw vegan diet rich in vitamins and minerals, combined with amazing power of fasting and positive thinking. If you or your loved ones are seriously ill it is very important to find a good natural health practitioner. You might also want to read Dr. Ruza’s book “The Cure Is In The Cause” to learn the ins and outs of natural healing.

Yummy ways to reap the benefits of vitamin C

To get the beautiful benefits from this wonder-vitamin try to get at least 500 to 1000 mg per day. You don’t have to worry about overdosing, since body does not accumulate vitamin C and it is really hard to get too large doses from the food.
You can get 500 mg of vitamin C from one of these:
* 270 gr / 0.595 pounds of bell peppers
* 550 gr / 1.212 pounds of kiwis
* 560 gr / 1.234 pounds of broccoli or cauliflower
* 750 gr / 1.653 pounds of persimmons
* 800 gr / 1.763 pounds of oranges
* 800 gr / 1.763 pounds of papayas
* 800 gr / 1.763 pounds of strawberries
* 900 gr / 1.984 pounds of pineapples
…to find more options go to, click on “Tools”, and choose “Nutrition Search Tool”

Fresh, organic produce is always richer in vitamins. If you have organic oranges you can leave the white part of the skin on, it’s richer in vitamin C than the orange itself : )

Vitamin C content in dried goji berries has a wide range (from different sources) from 29 mg to 148 mg per 100 grams / 0.22 pounds.

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Probiotic – supporting life

Friendly bacteria plays a important role in our body, keeping our digestive tract clean and effective. These bacteria called “probiotic” – supporting life and promoting health in a human organism. Probiotic flora has a strong influence on digestion, immune system, overall physiology and even psychology. probiotics

Symptoms of imbalanced gut flora

Imbalances in intestinal flora are very typical in our modern society and showing themselves in many ways. Excess body fat1,  acne and mood swings2, eczema3, bad body odor, tooth decay, common cold, influenza and sugar cravings2, fatigue, poor short term memory, depression, allergies, bronchial coughs, bowel irregularities, urinary tract infections4, loss of sexual desire, vaginal yeast infections, diarrhea or constipation, cancer, type one diabetes5, obesity, autism, depression, autoimmune conditions, inflammatory bowel disease and many others.

On Green Med Info2 site you can find over 200 studies showing that gut flora is associated with 170 various illnesses. Here’s just a few of them in addition to listed above: chronic fatigue syndrome, psychological problems, and behavior, food allergies, high cholesterol and hypertension, leaky gut and irritable bowel syndrome, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, Epstein-Barr virus, pneumonia, celiac disease, atopic dermatitis, liver diseases, such as cirrhosis and cancer, herpes. Nearly every person with a blood sugar issue also has a leaky gut, a gut infection, or some other chronic inflammatory gut condition. Researches discovered6 that your gut flora significantly affects the way your body stores the food you eat, how easy or hard it is for you to lose stored fat, and how well your metabolism works. Other studies show that people who are obese and diabetic have unhealthy gut flora. On the other hand, people who have normal weight with no metabolic irregularities have prevalence of healthy bacteria in their guts. In another study scientists discovered that changes in the gut flora can increase the rate at which we absorb fatty acids and carbohydrates, and increase the storage of calories as fat.7 This means that someone with bad gut flora could eat the same amount of food as someone with a healthy gut, but extract more calories from it and gain more weight. On the other hand, bad bugs in the gut can increase the production of insulin, causing insulin resistance. The good news are that you can improve all these conditions by replenishing your friendly flora through consuming both probiotics and prebiotics. It is also important to have overall healthy lifestyle including movement, healthy food, good water, enough sleep and positive attitude.
Reasons of gut flora imbalances
The main reasons of gut flora imbalances are diet low in fermentable fibers, chronic stress, infections and consumption of gluten, milk, processed foods and meat products. Foods such as breads, industrial seed oils, refined carbohydrates, sugar, sodas, coffee, cakes, biscuits, deep fried foods are killing out our friendly flora. Even slight cooking kills good bacteria off the vegetables, so it’s always better for your digestion to eat veggies in their natural raw state. Chlorinated water, preservatives, additives, in supermarket foods and pasteurization are meant to kill out all the bacteria, bad and good. Conventional farming kill off bacteria in the soil (including B12 producing bacteria) by using pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Fruits and vegetables used to be a probiotic themselves but conventional ones are no longer sources of good bacteria, so try to buy organic or grow your own. Even more damage to good flora comes from antibiotics and other medications like birth control and NSAIDs. Smoking, alcohol and caffeine are also killing out friendly flora and making people biologically older in no time.
Scientists also know that infants that aren’t breast-fed and are born to mothers with bad gut flora are more likely to develop unhealthy gut bacteria and become overweight in the future.8 Studies have also shown that as we age our populations of probiotic bacteria are reduced, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can easily repopulate your gut with friendly flora overtime by including fermented foods, fresh fruits and veggies and excluding bad foods and lifestyle habits.
Benefits of having friendly bacteria in your gut
Protection Beneficial bacteria is protecting our body from pathogenic bacteria, yeasts, allergies, infections, cancers and viruses. Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria help to inhibit potential pathogens, such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida and E. coli. Friendly bacteria produces natural antibiotics and antifungals that prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, fungi and prevents multiplication of other organisms, which helps to control intestinal infections. If there is lack of healthy bacteria in the intestines, immune system gets weaker and there is higher risk of getting diseases. Appropriate amount of probiotic bacteria, on the other hand will increase the number of immune system cells, crowd out pathogenic micro-flora and suppress it by producing specific chemicals. Healthy gut flora also helps to prevent tooth decay, colon cancer, colitis, candida, urinary tract infections and eczema, getting rid of molds, viruses, parasites and balances the immune system. In fact, two-thirds of the immune system is in the digestive tract. There are more neurotransmitters in the GI than in the brain and more nerve endings than in the spine.9
Healthy bacteria is breaking down proteins, carbohydrates and fats to make digestion and assimilation easier, providing enzymes to aid digestion, supplying and nourishing the correct intestinal bacteria.10 It also regulates gut motility, preventing constipation, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome.11 Friendly bacteria produces lactic acid, which balances intestinal pH, maintains mucosal integrity, cleanses digestive tract and helps with healthy bowel movements. Another important function of friendly flora is production of vitamin B12, production of certain amino acids12, synthesizing the anti-viral amino acid, L-lysine, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, A, D, and K, and essential fatty acids12.

Also, healthy bacteria is reducing toxic waste at the cellular level, improving the absorption of minerals and vitamins. Bacteria in fermented foods increases bioavailability of the nutrients in the food we eat. It help us to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

Enzymes that are produced by the good bacteria in cultured foods help to neutralize toxins in the liver, removing waste products from cells, storing nutrients in the liver and muscles and building minerals into nerves, bones and blood. The more good bacteria in the gut, the more easily the body can produce enzymes. The activity of friendly flora makes the minerals in cultured foods more bio-available to the body.
Your digestive system is vital to your health and happiness. Friendly gut flora prevents and relieves mood swings, anxiety and depression, provides better sleep patterns, energy levels and feeling of well-being. Probiotic bacteria has shown positive influence on autistic children.
Whole body
Healthy gut flora is stimulating the repair mechanism of cells, reduces toxic waste at the cellular level, helps to maintain healthy cholesterol and triglyceride level and rebuilds hormones. It also prevents osteoporosis, provides better growth in children, inactivates enterotoxins and has positive influence on urogenital flora.
Probiotic bacteria also protects us from environmental toxins such as pesticides and pollutants and eliminates toxic components from food including nitrates13.
How to replenish your friendly flora
To get all these wonderful benefits you can add fresh raw fruits, greens, veggies to your diet and exclude or at least reduce foods that are killing good bacteria like meat, gluten, milk products, processed sugar, yeasts in bread, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods and drinks, etc. To get real steady results you need to change your diet permanently. As soon as you will get back to unhealthy habits, your micro-flora will go off balance. It is also important to manage your stress with meditation, EFT or other techniques.
Another helpful step would be eating lots of foods containing fermentable fibers like sweet potato, yam, yucca, etc.

Cultures that are found in supermarket yogurt does not effectively constitute real homemade probiotic foods, because they usually do not survive stomach acids and bile. Probiotics from pills are not the best solution either, since they are usually weak and short-lived. If you take them, make sure you get a good brand with strong bacteria types and make sure they are vegan. But it’s even better to prepare your own fermented foods, like sauerkraut, nut and seed cheeses. Cultured foods have been in the diets of indigenous people around the world for centuries. Their main reason for doing that was preserving the food. Fermented foods can help to relief symptoms of dab flora and give you a temporarily relief, but bacteria living in fermented food cannot survive for long. The only way to permanently improve your flora is to eat lots of fruits and veggies, keep your diet clean and manage your stress effectively.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Why raw vegan?

Every creature on earth except humans and their pets eat raw food. And only humans and their pets suffer from debilitating illnesses, which is unheard of in a wild world of animals.
Raw food is beautiful, colorful and very tasty. It has a unique life force. If you don’t recognize it yet, you can feel it by conducting a little experiment. Get really hungry and have a bite of a ripe, fresh fruit, organic, if possible. Chew it well and feel the fine tingling sensation and pleasant stream of energy running from your mouth straight to your brain, muscles and organs. This stream of living energy can heal, cleanse and revitalize you, while giving you a better connection with nature. Now, if you are not raw foodie yet, have a bite of cooked something, like rice, but without salt and spices. Chew it well… do you feel the energy flow like you felt with fresh fruit? Now decide for yourself, do you want to get fresh energy with your food or sluggish droopiness hidden by salt’n’pepa.

What is the mechanism for choosing the right food in the wilderness? Well there are many ways, but the most natural is certainly a “feel good” response from our body. All little children normally love sweets, but parents push porridge, cooked veggies, soups, potatoes with meat and milk in the child’s mouth. At first it all falls out, we hear crying and the same situation is repeating in almost every family in many countries and for many centuries. Later the child adopts and starts eating with appetite, becoming plump, sometimes even fatty and everybody says he looks healthy, all the while the child is eating that empty processed foods and not able to get the proper minerals and nutrients to be fully satisfied.

But children and even grownups still dream about sweets and would eat them in much bigger quantities if that would be allowed or considered healthy. What if their dream could come true? What if everybody could eat whole sweet meals 2, 3 or even 4 times a day? Maybe there is a healthy way to listen to our deepest instinct and discover a much healthier and tastier diet, which is the most natural for human species?

Which food would your prefer in it’s natural state?

Let’s imagine that you are walking in Southern Europe, not very far from Africa. Maybe it’s Greece or Italy, or maybe Spain. You see wild bulls walking behind the bushes, few birds singing in the bush, there is a fig tree beside the bush and you can see grape vines covering the pile of rocks in the distance behind the little abandoned field of wheat. And there is also a cold river running right behind you. You turn around and see silvery fishes playing in the waves. What a beautiful place! But your stomach is really empty and you feel hunger crawling up your throat and making you weak. If you are a really urbanized person, you would probably look through your pockets, but there is nothing in there. You need to go another 7 hours until you reach the next village, so you need to hurry up before it would get too late. What would you do? For most of us the answer is obvious.

So why our choices are so different in the supermarket? The answer for me is in our history. We needed to survive, so in the tight conditions, like changes of climate and maybe little wars pushing people out of better places we needed to find something else in the absence of fruits, sweet roots and tender leaves. Meat eating, cooking of the starchy roots and grain seeds was necessary to survive. But that was always only substitute to our natural food – fruits, veggies, raw edible roots, tender leaves, nuts and seeds.

Then, with the rise of a bigger society, the story becomes even more complicated, we needed to feed bigger and bigger amounts of people. We started to grow grains and here is the beginning of community, settlement and also centralized power. People cannot be as free anymore, they depend on larger groups and have to agree with the authorities. Also, the addictive power of cooked grains and meat probably started to keep people from returning back to a mostly fruit diet. Surprise, surprise – cooked grains contain opiates! Cooked meat contains cancerogenic addictive substances. Parents teach children to eat more grains and less berries – it’s much easier to keep children under control, they have to come home to eat and won’t run away to the forest.

I appreciate the enormous possibilities and our development which settlement and civilization gave us, but I also remember all the pain and destructive power it brought. I am ready to take this situation as it is and be grateful we are still here. And from this point we can happily move forward, free from the burden of the past conditioning, believes and worries.

Can we brake free from our food system now? After all these centuries of addiction.. Haven’t our bodies changed, adopted and need cooked food to be healthy? Thousands of people worldwide prove the opposite. Many have healed themselves and getting fitter by eating 80% or even 100% raw vegan diets. Some experiment with raw meat, eggs and dairy or eat too much nuts and seeds, but they usually have to avoid sweet fruits, which is against our natural instinctive love for sweets.

Whatever you decide to do, our message is – we do not have to eat grains, legumes, meat, fish and dairy to be healthy. Those foods are more suitable for birds, tigers, dolphins and calves. Their digestion systems are very different from ours. Everybody knows the creatures that we relate most closely to. Just observe what they eat and take a minute to think about your diet and would you like to change it somehow?

Emotional freedom

Do you ever find yourself knowing what to do to make your dreams come true, but you simply can’t do it?

You know the steps you need to take to become happy, fit, healthy, prosperous and so on – to eat healthy, exercise, follow your heart, do what you love, say yes to possibilities… But some mysterious forces inside yourself just won’t let you. Many people like to call it laziness, fear, weakness, or say “I can’t”, “I have no energy”, “I am too old”, “I was brought up this way”, “I am unworthy” and so on..

In reality these things are nothing more and nothing less than energy blocks in your body. And we are blessed to live in this beautiful time, when there are many possibilities to dissolve these blocks. One of the best we know is EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. And one of the best places to learn it for free is here

Let’s free ourselves up and give it a try ; )

Just move it!

Any movement will make you feel better in no time!

Pick any exercise you like. If you are too lazy, you can lay anywhere (bed, coach, floor), and just put your arms and legs up and shake them : ) Have some fun, you deserve it! This is actually great for your lymphatic system.
Or just have a lazy walk, you will start to feel much better in a few minutes and would probably want to continue for a while and then you are going to feel amazing! ; )

Another thing that you can do is just stand up, feel your body and feel if you want to move any part of your body in any direction. If you don’t know, rotate your head, shoulders and other parts and see what you like the most. Just do what is most enjoyable for you, as slowly or as quickly as you prefer. Tune into your body and really feel how it moves. Now you have your two in one practice – meditation and exercise : ) You can do it just for a minute or up to 20 minutes or even more. You can use you favorite music with that, which will keep you going and will make it even more fun. You can create your own dance with that! Enjoy ; )

We invite you to try those movements out and let us know about your experience by leaving a message on our Facebook page. What movements does your body like the most? What is not so pleasant?

Then you can set a goal to move your body first thing in the morning for at least 10 minutes during the next 10 days and write us about your personal discoveries.

If you feel that you need more guidance, you can contact us. We will help you to put together your own special fitness plan based on your unique needs and personal preferences.

The most eco-friendly diet

The most eco-friendly diet is also best for our health

One acre of fertile land can produce:
100,000 pounds of apples

50,000 pounds of tomatoes
40,000 pounds of potatoes
5,000 pounds of wheat
And only 250 pounds of beef 1,2,3

How much water is needed to grow one pound of produce?
49 gallons of water per pound of apples, (which can be reduced even further by using mulch)
60 gallons of water per pound of potato
108 gallons of water per pound of wheat
240 gallons of water per pound of soybeans
2,500 gallons of water per pound of beef 4,5
Production of just ten pounds of beef requires the same amount of water as average household needs for an entire year!

Conventional diet

Today people are destroying nature in so many ways, but one of the most damaging activities is undoubtedly modern agriculture. The conventional way of growing grains causes erosion and often converts rich tropical forests into a deserts in just a few years! And after all that destructive production of grains and beans, massive amounts of these products (65% in US) are fed to cattle, which produces stunning amounts of greenhouse gas methane – one of the biggest reasons of recent catastrophic climate changes. People are creating all this damage in nature, only to produce food that creates even more problems for human health.

Every year millions of people suffer from diseases related to consumption of animal products, including all milk products. Osteoporosis, heart attack, stroke, all kinds of cancer, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol (“even low-fat dairy and skinless white-meat chicken raise cholesterol” says Dr. Joel Fuhrman), allergies, infections, parasites, weakness of immune system, even mental illnesses and many, many more are scientifically proved to be connected with consumption of animal products by the biggest diet-related study in our history “The China Study”.

Cooked vegan diet

Even if people eat grains and beans themselves, it is still very damaging to nature, due to the yearly plowing up of the soil, cutting down forests, heavy use of pesticides, genetic engineering, huge amounts of water, land and fuel used for production, destroying diversity of plants and animals and many more. Grains and beans produce much smaller crops per acre then fruit trees and also create lots of health problems in humans. Irritable bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, anemia, osteoporosis, cancer, fatigue, canker sores, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, dementia, migraines, epilepsy, autism and many, many other illnesses can be caused by eating gluten containing grains. Most of the soybeans are genetically modified and even if not, they are still creating a lots of health problems, like problems with digestion, thyroid, fertility, hormones, sex drive, digestion and even contribute to certain cancers. Gluten-free grains and other beans are usually consumed after heavy cooking which destroys most of the vitamins and breaks the structure of the minerals, turning this food into a virtually empty calories filled with toxins created during cooking process.

Raw vegan diet

Fruit trees, on the other hand, spread their roots deep into the soil, enriching it with the falling leaves and branches, bringing minerals into the topsoil. Trees are also abundantly enriching atmosphere with oxygen. Provided with mulch, fruit trees need minimal irrigation. We can even grow other produce, like greens, berries and vegetables under the trees, using space even more economically. And besides saving nature, diversity of life and eliminating the cruelty, people can get naturally delicious, nutritious, juicy food with abundant health benefits.

Fruit helps to release body fat, become more energetic, hydrate your body – fruit contains 80% of structured water (not your regular bottled water). Fruit alleviates many digestive problems like constipation, diarrhea and abdominal cramping. Soluble and insoluble fiber in fruits makes magic in regulating bowel movements. Fruits also prevent strokes and heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels. Fruits help to prevent and even heal cancer by providing a wealth of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, pectins, structured water and toxin-free calories. Fruits have unique effects on preventing aging and deterioration of the brain. Eating fruits and vegetables can heal people from almost any kind of degenerative disease by providing nutrition and calories without poisoning the body.

According to Dr. Douglas Graham, “The Standard American Diet requires one hundred times the land of a raw food diet to produce the same amount of food. A vegan diet requires two and a half times as much land as does a raw food diet.”
“We could feed forty people a pound of grain each, or one person a pound of beef,” Graham asserts, “but nutritionists figured out long ago that we can feed 2½ times as many people from an acre of fruit than we can from an acre of grains” (Grain Damage, p. 35).


1 “At half a bin, or 500 pounds per tree and with 200 trees per acre, the calorie value of commercial apple production jumps to 100,000 pounds per acre, or 23.6 million calories per acre. This is nearly 3 times the calorie yield of the most optimistic calorie value for potatoes and almost 6 times the most optimistic calorie value for wheat! Obviously, apples are a good deal for farmers (like me) who want to get the maximum calories per acre, while still maintaining diversity of crops.”

2 (Tom Aldridge and Herb Schlubach, “Water Requirements for Food Production,” Soil and Water, no. 38 (Fall 1978), University of California Cooperative Extension, 13017; Paul and Anne Ehrlich, Population, Resources, Environment (San Francisco: Freemna, 1972), pg. 75-76.


5 Georg Borgstrom, presentation to the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1981, cited in John Robbins, Diet for a New America (Walpole, NH: Stillpoint, 1987), pg. 367.

Secret to success most people overlook

There is a secret ingredient that separates successful people from “unlucky” or “weak” ones.
It is a strong connection between you and your goals.
For some this connection could be a big urge, like a sickness or a huge burning dream.
But others can find this connection in support. Yes, support is your secret weapon that makes your dreams come true. It drags you through the hard times and inspires when you have lack of motivation. Most people, who are serious about success invest in professional support.

Every person’s situation with health and emotions is unique. And you can’t always go by the standard. In a situation like that, individual support is everything. But for many it might seem too unreachable. If money is the only thing that stands between you and your success we are here to change it! So please feel free to fill in the form below, so we can find a solution that will work for you individually.

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Tips on avoiding the flu in the winter


#1 Go south!
…if you can’t afford it now, save up for next winter and start researching for a cheap and safe place to visit during winter time.

#2 Eat clean!
…this is the most important tip, because every flu starts with mucus forming foods, like cookies, pasta, cheese, milk and most grains. And then it’s aggravated by acid-forming foods, like processed foods, coffee, alcohol, meat, fish, grains, chocolate and even excess seeds and nuts. High carb raw vegan food (after initial detox) will make you highly resistant to viruses.
Bell peppers, oranges and kiwis are some of the best sources of vitamin C – best flu protection!

#3 Sleep at least 8 hours a day.
…this is the second most important tip, especially if you stay in a cold climate! This is the time when your body can finally take over and clean up all the mess that you MAYBE putting in it during the day: bad food, negative thoughts, pollution, toxic chemicals and so on.

#4 Become a sun hunter!
…use any and every possibility to catch the sun, find some sunny place protected from the wind and expose as much of your skin as you can without freezing. Sun will help you to keep these nasty viruses at a respectful distance. Sun is also the only cruelty free source of vitamin D.

#5 Drink at least 2 liters of water every day.
…this is one of the few recommendations most nutritionists on the planet agree on, but it’s overlooked by so many people! Drinking water is the easiest way to keep your immune system up and going. It also cleanses the body from toxins, so it will have less reasons to get sick. We like spring water the best. Find your local spring at the or ask elderly people in your neighborhood. Make sure your water is not too cold, don’t drink water or juice strait out of the fridge!

#6 Move your body!
Only movement can help to pump your lymph through your system to carry away all the toxic waste before your body will get into the “big house cleaning mode” = flu. Find your favorite way to move at least half an hour a day.

#7 Wear your warm socks!
If you are cold – dress up! Bring extra layers, so you can adjust the thickness of your “armor” according to your needs.

#8 Never ever get the flu shot!
Vaccines are full of dangerous toxins and the do not help your immune system, but rather suppress and damage it. You can get more info on vaccines on

For any additional advise come and grab your free support session with Jesse here.