Swirly salad with beet’n’avo dressing


This is one of our favorites. Filling and juicy, colorful and chewy salad 🙂

Chopped butter-leaf lettuce,
shredded carrots, beets, kohlrabi and cucumbers,
cut tomatoes, cauliflower and a little bit of pink radishes.

Blended avocado, tomato, beet and a piece of kohlrabi.

Choose the amounts by your own needs and taste 😉

2 thoughts on “Swirly salad with beet’n’avo dressing

    1. Yes, you are right, Viviana, it can be easy, but only if you know how to combine your raw vegan food well: http://www.blog.thewholelifestyle.com/biggest-secret/
      And also listening to your body to feel what is right for you. Banana-orange salad can look good for many people, but most will not feel so good after that and will blame the fruit, not knowing that bad combining made them feel bad, not fruit. And even worse when people add nuts and seeds into their fruit salad and having serious issues after that without knowing what caused all that mess.
      If you feel like you are the pro in raw vegan lifestyle and super-healthy, you obviously don’t need a recipe book at all, but if you are staring out it can inspire you to make your food in a healthy way, backed up by 15 years of Jesse’s and 8 years of Reny’s experience.

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