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I want you to know that when I had my heart attack & stroke it was YOUR STORY ABOUT HEALING THROUGH FASTING that inspired me to refuse any cooked food while at the hospital as I told them respectfully “I am happy to drink water only for the 10 day hospital stay”…in my heart I knew I would be O.K. because I knew this guy that I hung out with in Ecuador had healed himself through water fasting…thanks for being such an inspiration to the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Conrardy
~The Raw Food Trucker~

Congratulations Jesse…I just watched your video….the power of fasting!! Great to see that you and your mum are spreading the word and leading by example!! I believe that the way we solve this problem of vaccination in America is by way of leadership and setting an example…that’s what you’re doing!!Joe Cross
From the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”

Jesse is amazing and true inspiration!!Jeff Golfman
“The Cool Vegeterian”

“Jesse is my teacher, and when I forget, he reminds me to keep it natural.”
Thank you so much, you saved my life! Love always, Mama…Dr. Ruza
The founder of “The Cure Is In The Cause” foundation

Jesse is a wealth of knowledge on the subject of nutrition and health, with an emphasis on the importance of a healthy raw food lifestyle. He has helped me finally understand Optimum Wellness. His methods of teaching and his impeccability made it so clear and easy to understand. I have known Jesse for several years now, and know that he truly practices what he teaches, without deviation from his lifestyle and goals. Even on the other side of the world, with e-mails, Skype, and his newsletters it seems as if Jesse is right next to me, helping with a health concern that I chose to overcome without prescription medication. Because of his work, I was able to lose some excess weight with the right fitness and nutrition plan custom tailored for my needs, improve my cardiovascular health, and be supported along the way! I am able to pass on his healthy lifestyle advice to my clients who address similar concerns, or I refer them to him directly. I truly know that he is a Master of what he teaches, and leads by example.Patty’s message: “Hey remember when I went to the Dr. when you were here, and i was given that Rx that I ripped up…. 3 years and no heart meds, and I’m still alive…… Thanks to you and Sean for your healthy eating habits advice and Seans Salsa recipe…… I make it often, and keep him alive in my heart by following his healthy advice!!!!!!! And that flowering plant that you gave me……. still alive too…planted it at my sisters house….I can actually say that you are in the business of keeping me alive and well, I am thankful for having met you and your family on Maui!!!!!!!! I’m sure that you do that for everybody whose life that you touch…. Ho’opono’pono”.Patricia Medina, LMT, NCTMB, ~ Las Vegas, NV, USA

JosephBraun“I met with Jesse because I was having some emotional issues preventing me from eating the best foods. He was very patient, understanding, and nonjudgemental, listening to my issue and sincerely wanting to help. Well, he did help, BIG TIME!! Thanks Jesse for being an inspiration and new friend on this path. Love and light!”

Joseph Braun

“Jesse was the first person who beautifully expressed the exact reason, that made me fall in love with raw vegan food. I never heard anybody explain it that way and that’s why it was so powerful! Huh :)”Danae

LenaIn 2006 I was diagnosed with cancer in my thyroid gland. The medical professionals told me I had to have surgery of the whole gland and use medication for the rest of my life…And one day a couple of months ago I was looking up on the internet about raw vegan lifestyle and found out about Jesse. I felt drawn to make contact with him. I greatly value our sessions…

Here comes the feedback from my doctor about my latest tests. She told me that the measure of T3 and T4 etc about the thyroid gland was IN BALANCE. And I burst out into tears. Woow, that was SO beautiful to hear.

I asked her if there were any kind of danger for me and my health right now – and she said loud and clear with a smiling tone in her voice “no, there is no danger for your health”. And when it comes to me living with half a thyroid without medication she said ” it is amazing/incredible”.

Read the whole story here.


“Jesse, thanks for all your help – your videos motivated me on this raw diet and I have lost 52 pounds…will be below 200 for the first time in 20 years…yay! – energy levels are off the charts too… You are a true visionary!”

Gregg Webber

We had great time and a lot of fun with Jesse: diving from the pier, playing basketball to name a few. Simply talking to Jesse – real raw vegan pro – was balm to the soul!From Moscow, Russia with LOVE!!!Natasha, Vadim and 2 young fellas – Andrey (5 yrs old) and Dmitry (9 months old)

Thank you for helping me combat acne by eliminating dairy and other great tips. Tough not eating some stuff but well worth it. Especially great prices for a student. Thanks for everything Jesse!

Kyle, London

I met Jesse on the internet and whatever you may say about virtual friendships – this one went deep! Never met anyone before who was able to motivate me better to keep up a raw vegan lifestyle.I had two consultations with him and it was like talking to someone you’ve known forever. He doesn’t judge you, he doesn’t blame you – he just wants you to have the best possible experience in life. Jesse explained to me how to improve my raw nutrition – not by adding a lot of fancy super foods, but by leaving out and keeping it simple. Just as mother nature had it planned for us. And it works!
It’s so great to have met someone who actually believes in what he does and lives according to the simple laws of nature that he is trying to get across to all the people. I am so grateful to have met Jesse! Thank you!Jens Wollmerath, Musician from Germany

I had the pleasure of an eight hour phone consultation in support of my desire to try more raw foods in my diet with an aim to cleanse myself from the inside out.It’s surprising how a few simple steps in changing how we think about food can empower the individual to become more conscious and aware of our environment. I received the most professional advice and outstanding service. With my original background as a Chef I thought I knew everything there was about the notion of good food but even I had many pleasant surprises. I underwent 8 intensive hours spread over several dates and look forward to more sessions in the future.I give my highest recommendation for anyone who is serious about reviewing their lifestyle with the best optimal health and happiness in mind.Don’t put off today what you may regret tomorrow.To your best health & prosperity,
Nancy Redford London, UK

I was looking for support in my raw food journey for a several years, but was scared away from most places because of prices and also being unsure about results. I felt that all the complicated solutions given by many experts are not the best solution for me. I needed something real, truthful and deep. I wanted somebody to help me to come back to the pure state of being in a simple and natural manner. And this is what Jesse did for me! He gave me a simple, precise, well balanced and incredibly effective lifestyle plan. I am endlessly thankful to this friendly and open minded guy for changing my life..Yes, my life is finally really really changing! I am enjoying 100% raw food lifestyle and feeling big changes in my well being and happiness. Thank you so much, Jesse for doing what you are doing!Reny

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  1. Dear Sister, I really FEEL your story! There’s a woman who has done wonders for my emotional body…shockingly the best stuff i have ever used. She’s been doing homeopathy for over 35 years, and wrote me some homeopathic prescriptions which changed my emotional body overnight! I was shocked….after teaching raw foods/vegan foods and juice for the past 30 plus years, I thought it was only diet that could change us, but wow…i really did overcome a lot of emotional baggage, which i had a lot of, like you! Anyways, if you want her number, it may be good to do some work with her, because it can accelerate your healing. Congratulations for believing in your divine nature. With love, Linda Kordich. If you have an email to share, I will send her info. to you. Blessings. (Jesse is a good friend of ours)

    1. Thank you. I would love to hear more about how homeopathy can help healing the emotional body. Jesse will give you my e-mail adress. Again, thank you for your reply. Love, Lena.

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