Unchocolaty cravings-buster smoothie


This is an ultimate cravings buster, our favorite chocolate-tasting no chocolate smoothie. We do not recommend stimulants. Even raw cacao, while being better then coffee and other stimulants is still draining the adrenals, taxing the system and leaving you tired the next day.
If you are trying to avoid overt fats in your diet, this smoothie can help you to feel more satisfied and carry on. Just make sure you will get the raw carob, not roasted.

2 pears
8 bananas
2-3 tbs. of raw carob
Blend, enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Unchocolaty cravings-buster smoothie

    1. Hi Kat! We a pretty sure she would like it! Did you try it yet?
      PS. Sorry it took us so long to reply, we couldn't see all our comments before for a technical reason..
      Peace and hugs!
      The Whole Lifestyle team

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