Watermelon “beer”

Cool alternative to popular summer junk

For many people the summer heat is a common excuse for consuming beer or soda pop. They feel that water is not as hydrating and not nearly as appealing to them. But there are many tasty and healthy alternatives to these popular summer junky drinks, like fresh homemade juices, water with lemon or even blended juicy fruit smoothies. The juiciest of them all – watermelon makes a delicious drink for ultimate hydration. By adding aloe vera to it you can add not only a slight bitterness (which makes it taste little bit like beer) but also additional hydration and healing to your digestive tract.


Watermelon “beer”

Half of big watermelon
Long piece of aloe vera to taste (can substitute with ginger or put both)

Blend well, enjoy!

(You can also strain the pulp out or juice the ingredients in a juicer.)

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