What is hypertension?

What is hypertension and how to get rid of it naturally?
Hypertension is high enough blood pressure to potentially cause damage to person’s heart and other organs. Statistics show, that over 30% of people don’t know that they even have high blood pressure, and they might be walking on thin ice like this for years.


What causes hypertension?

* Too much of the table salt
* Too little sodium
* Lack of potassium
* Dehydration
* Stress
* Coffee
* Smoking
* Alcohol
* Animal products
* Excess abdominal fat
* Lack of movement
* Lack of vitamin D
* Birth control pills
* Many other medical drugs

How to break free from hypertension?

* Stay away from table salt (avoid all packaged foods)**
* Load up on bananas and/or squash – they are high in potassium
* Drink about 2 liters of spring water daily
* Meditate and manage your stress (Jesse can support you with that)
* Switch from coffee to freshly squeezed orange juice – C vitamin is very refreshing
* Stop smoking – load up on niacin rich foods to fight your cravings
* Stop drinking alcohol, if your friends drink – find new friends
* Go vegan – the benefits are endless, including balanced blood pressure
* Go for a walk – one of the best ways to slim down and lower blood pressure
* Do any kind of movement – dancing, yoga, biking, hiking – that manages your stress, your weight and so much more
* Get your vitamin D from sunshine – just 15 minutes a day can be enough or 30 minutes if it’s cloudy
* Avoid any drugs, they only cover up the symptoms, making you even sicker in the background
* Get individual support of a natural health expert, like Jesse who can look into your particular situation with health and support you in every step.

**Here is the message from our friend: “While sodium chloride is not general healthy to consume, sometimes it can save your life. (And though I am not at this time intentionally choosing to consume salt, I am choosing instead to get my sodium from copious amounts of celery and have for the most part quit drinking any additional water. ) Having too little sodium in ones diet can and does lead to hypertension. Further more, if someone has too little sodium in their diet/blood and then further dilute that with water consumption it only makes the hypertension worse.” Kris Trader


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