Why raw vegan?

Every creature on earth except humans and their pets eat raw food. And only humans and their pets suffer from debilitating illnesses, which is unheard of in a wild world of animals.
Raw food is beautiful, colorful and very tasty. It has a unique life force. If you don’t recognize it yet, you can feel it by conducting a little experiment. Get really hungry and have a bite of a ripe, fresh fruit, organic, if possible. Chew it well and feel the fine tingling sensation and pleasant stream of energy running from your mouth straight to your brain, muscles and organs. This stream of living energy can heal, cleanse and revitalize you, while giving you a better connection with nature. Now, if you are not raw foodie yet, have a bite of cooked something, like rice, but without salt and spices. Chew it well… do you feel the energy flow like you felt with fresh fruit? Now decide for yourself, do you want to get fresh energy with your food or sluggish droopiness hidden by salt’n’pepa.

What is the mechanism for choosing the right food in the wilderness? Well there are many ways, but the most natural is certainly a “feel good” response from our body. All little children normally love sweets, but parents push porridge, cooked veggies, soups, potatoes with meat and milk in the child’s mouth. At first it all falls out, we hear crying and the same situation is repeating in almost every family in many countries and for many centuries. Later the child adopts and starts eating with appetite, becoming plump, sometimes even fatty and everybody says he looks healthy, all the while the child is eating that empty processed foods and not able to get the proper minerals and nutrients to be fully satisfied.

But children and even grownups still dream about sweets and would eat them in much bigger quantities if that would be allowed or considered healthy. What if their dream could come true? What if everybody could eat whole sweet meals 2, 3 or even 4 times a day? Maybe there is a healthy way to listen to our deepest instinct and discover a much healthier and tastier diet, which is the most natural for human species?

Which food would your prefer in it’s natural state?

Let’s imagine that you are walking in Southern Europe, not very far from Africa. Maybe it’s Greece or Italy, or maybe Spain. You see wild bulls walking behind the bushes, few birds singing in the bush, there is a fig tree beside the bush and you can see grape vines covering the pile of rocks in the distance behind the little abandoned field of wheat. And there is also a cold river running right behind you. You turn around and see silvery fishes playing in the waves. What a beautiful place! But your stomach is really empty and you feel hunger crawling up your throat and making you weak. If you are a really urbanized person, you would probably look through your pockets, but there is nothing in there. You need to go another 7 hours until you reach the next village, so you need to hurry up before it would get too late. What would you do? For most of us the answer is obvious.

So why our choices are so different in the supermarket? The answer for me is in our history. We needed to survive, so in the tight conditions, like changes of climate and maybe little wars pushing people out of better places we needed to find something else in the absence of fruits, sweet roots and tender leaves. Meat eating, cooking of the starchy roots and grain seeds was necessary to survive. But that was always only substitute to our natural food – fruits, veggies, raw edible roots, tender leaves, nuts and seeds.

Then, with the rise of a bigger society, the story becomes even more complicated, we needed to feed bigger and bigger amounts of people. We started to grow grains and here is the beginning of community, settlement and also centralized power. People cannot be as free anymore, they depend on larger groups and have to agree with the authorities. Also, the addictive power of cooked grains and meat probably started to keep people from returning back to a mostly fruit diet. Surprise, surprise – cooked grains contain opiates! Cooked meat contains cancerogenic addictive substances. Parents teach children to eat more grains and less berries – it’s much easier to keep children under control, they have to come home to eat and won’t run away to the forest.

I appreciate the enormous possibilities and our development which settlement and civilization gave us, but I also remember all the pain and destructive power it brought. I am ready to take this situation as it is and be grateful we are still here. And from this point we can happily move forward, free from the burden of the past conditioning, believes and worries.

Can we brake free from our food system now? After all these centuries of addiction.. Haven’t our bodies changed, adopted and need cooked food to be healthy? Thousands of people worldwide prove the opposite. Many have healed themselves and getting fitter by eating 80% or even 100% raw vegan diets. Some experiment with raw meat, eggs and dairy or eat too much nuts and seeds, but they usually have to avoid sweet fruits, which is against our natural instinctive love for sweets.

Whatever you decide to do, our message is – we do not have to eat grains, legumes, meat, fish and dairy to be healthy. Those foods are more suitable for birds, tigers, dolphins and calves. Their digestion systems are very different from ours. Everybody knows the creatures that we relate most closely to. Just observe what they eat and take a minute to think about your diet and would you like to change it somehow?

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